More Than A Little Bummed, Waterlogued


I bought new Copic markers last week, not a full set, but $86.00 worth of blues and greens.  They were set to be delivered Monday by the U.S. Postal Service.  Much anticipation on my part, as usual, keeping an eye out for our mailman and checking our box over and over. Long story short, Monday – no markers.  Tuesday – no markers.  Can you see where this is going??  I pulled up the tracking info and it showed they were delivered ON SATURDAY!!!!  OH NO THEY WEREN’T, OH H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS NO!!  I printed the tracking info and trotted down to our post office and explained the situation in my most nicest voice (seriously).  Here’s what I learned: they don’t know what happened or where they are, but they will ask our carrier about it and let me know. Jeez.  Did I forget to tell you that poor Mr. Iknead was poking around in the front flowerbeds after dark and in the rain on the off chance that maybe my package may have somehow migrated from our mailbox to under the hydrangeas? No such luck.  I do love this man, I surely do!  This sort of thing makes me even closer to crazy than usual.  Grrrrrr.


I found this nifty app called Waterlogue  and decided to give it a try.  It turns a regular photo into a watercolor painting.

My art table.

I liked that so much, I tried it on some beach pics -






I may be using this app more!

Limitations live only in our minds.  But if we use our imaginations, our possibilites become limitless.  Jamie Paolinetti


WIPW, Bikes at the Beach


I continue to plug along on Simplex, which is slowiy but surely growing and hopefully will be finished in the next week or so.  At this point in every project, I begin fantasizing about my next project, even if I don’t specifically have one picked out.  Too bad I don’t have a time lapse to post, because that’s about the only way to see Simplex’s growth from week to week without actually counting the ridges/pattern repeats.  Someday, I’m going to try a time lapse photo, just for fun.

Makes me think of a pizza!


A few more beach pictures, if you can stand it.  I wish I could take credit for these, but I can’t.  Mr. iknead took these beauties.

 Sprout and Sand


At the End of the Day

Best idea of the whole week!  Babymama and Bigmommy rented bikes with buggies – it was hard to tell who had more fun!

 The Sprout had to ride by herself, but with a snack and her paci, all was well.  Next year, Charlee will even the count and she’ll have a bike buddy.

Light tomorrow with today! Elizabeth Browning


Mixed Media Monday 10/20/14


I came up with these late last night – or what is late for me – not sitting down at my little repurposed art desk until sometime around 10:30 p.m. or so. I’m finding that the creative juices seem to flow more freely then.

Artist’s tiles, ATC, pitt pen, Gelly pens, mandela stamp

The Documented Life prompt last week was Stars and although I’m not completely convinced that my page is finished, this is what I have  currently.  I’m in the process of searching out a quote that feels right to add the finishing touch.

Handcut stars, spray inks, ghosting technique

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.  Erich Fromm


WIP Wednesday, Booklove 10/14/14


 My Simplex Shawl continues to grow.  According to the pattern, it’s more than halfway finished.  More about it here.


Where do I start?  I’m rereading Stephen King’s Dark Tower series and am up to Book Three, The Waste Lands.  I read The Wind Through the Keyhole in Florida, a book that technically falls between Books Four and Five, but was released in February, 2012.  This series continues to be my all time favorite.  Crazy love them all.


I got a little behind in my art journal while on vacation and am just finishing up last week’s prompt, which was Polka Dots.  After a couple of false starts, I got into the groove, using a circle stencil to draw flowers, then handcoloring them and cutting them out to layer with stenciled dots, spray ink and, probably some stamps.  I drew and colored these flowers just for fun today.  I don’t have a current plan for these, but I thought they turned out well.

 I love drawing and coloring flowers – they’re probably my favorite, but I’ve been sort of down on myself because I’m not good at faces and because lettering also isn’t something I feel I do well, especially when I compare my stuff to projects others post, but I’m adjusting my attitude starting now.  New mindset:  So what if all I can draw is flowers – I love doing them.  So what if every face I draw is weird and more than a little wonky – I’ll never be commissioned to do a portrait.  So what if my lettering leaves something to be desired – I can practice and get better at it and if that doesn’t pan out, I’ll use my computer.  So what if my journal pages will never be hung in the Museum of Modern Art or the Louvre – they make me happy and creating them feeds my soul, just like they’re supposed to and because of that, I am an artist!

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Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.  T.S. Eliot


Mixed Media Monday


I saw these artist tiles awhile ago at Hobby Lobby and forgot about them until I came across them when tidying up my art table.  I know, I know, I need to be neater and I’ll work on that – someday.  I had no plan to follow, no prompt, I suppose you could call it freestyle.

 4×4 inches

Spray ink, hand drawn and colored flowers and a couple of what I call doodads

I’ve heard of inchies (1×1) and twinchies (2×2), I suppose this would be a quinchie.


Just two chicks hanging out in their jammies.

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.  Carl Sagan 


*My Own Mixed Media

Home Again, Curious George’s Big Adventure, Beach Beauties


Mr. Iknead and I are safely home after an absolutely heavenly week at Grayton Beach, FL.  Bigmommy’s in-laws have an amazing beach house there and are more than generous about letting us use it.  We had a crowd this year, a total of 11 family members, including our newest grandangel, Charlee, eight weeks.  If she had more fine motor control, I know she’d give our trip two thumbs up.  Since she hasn’t yet quite mastered that, we have to settle for the sweetest smile on the planet.



As wonderful as our Florida week was, there really is no place like home.  It felt like we had been away for a month instead of just a week.  We arrived home in time to spring Josie from The Pet Palace; I missed her so much!  I think she was happy to be home, too.  She’s no worse for the wear and they said she did just fine, but I still hate to leave her anywhere.

All our chicks are back in their respective nests (we left a day before they did) and I can breathe a sigh of relief.  I just can’t completely relax until I know all are home, safe and sound.


On one of my morning walks, I came across this little guy lying on the side of the road.  I bet a little one dropped him without noticing.  I picked him up and sat him on a sign post; I hope he was found before a naptime/bedtime crisis.  When I went back and checked on him, he was gone, so maybe his adventure was shortlived.  Loveys are SO important!


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